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This is a nature friendly and truly environment supporting product. We (Murickens Group) are given this product from year 2000 with a keen support of up to date services. This company is ISO Certified and Product is keeping international standards. This is convenient for any type of domestic and industrial power needs. Available ranges are starting from 1 kva to 100 kva and perfectly supported by MNRE. It can be use for day and night continually because it is supported by battery backup that will help for night time power supply without any un-interrupted power supply. In This case there is no need to worry about any other power support.

We are the first manufacture and supplier of Solar Inverters in Kerala and have an experience of 15 long years in this field. The list of our satisfied clients runs long and include prestigious institutions like International Airport, Karipoor, Kerala, The CISF 7th battalion military camp, Hyderabad, Govt. of India, Dept. of Space , Sreeharikotta, Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Cochin, Kerala Agriculture Research University, Malappuram , Vallarpadam Container Terminal (IGTPL) etc in addition to a long list our esteemed clients in the private sector. The services of a well qualified and experienced technician is highly essential to get a smooth and trouble free functioning of the system and to avoid unnecessary expenses.


► Pure sine wave out put. ►ISO: 9001 -2015 Certified solar power conditioner. ► IGBT with German PWM intelligent charging technology. ► Work with solar power, the best way to save money using natural resource. ► Maintenance Free. ► Attractive Designs. ►Pollution free type. ► Single Switch Operation. ► Fully automatic. ► IGBT based topology. ► Protection from lightning. ► Over Load Protection. ► Over Charge and Deep Discharge cut off. ► Independent Digital display inverter input and out put voltage, load, etc. ► Audio and Visual Indicators. ► Can connect to the existing wiring. ► No husking sound. ► It is a fully automatic built-in charge control or external system, No need of any manpower. ► Provisions for connecting grid power. ►Optional mains charger ON/OFF switch. ►Back-up power support. ► Option for customization of back-up power. ►The Special feature of the system is when we connect to the main line - if the battery is full and there is sufficient sunlight the system will automatically cut the main line off (KSEB Line) and connect the solar system. ► Our built in solar charger is floating type and once it fully charges the battery, it goes to trickle charging. This will provide more battery life and can utilize 100 % efficiency of solar panel power. ►An ideal unit for day and nights power supply.


1) When solar energy is sufficient total out put load will operate on solar Inverter. Excess solar power will charge batteries.

2) When solar energy is weak then inverter is taking DC source from batteries to compensate the out put load.

3) When the battery discharge level reaches 11.2 volt or below the out put load is shifted to grid.

4) At day time again each battery become 13.5 v the output load again shift to solar Inverter. 

5) At night or when there is no sunlight the batteries reach 70% discharge level (30 % kept as a buffer) the out put load is shifted to grid. (Each battery discharging level become 11.5 v )

6) After shifting load to grid the batteries are charged from solar energy and if solar energy not sufficient to charge the batteries, then there is an optional ON/OFF switch ( manual ) to charge the battery from grid up-to 12 volt and full charge volt of 13.5 in each battery .

7) By using solar power the solar charger high cut-off is 14.5 V of each battery.

8) At night during changeover of load from battery backup to grid supply (i.e 70 % battery discharged) and if grid supply is absent then load is shifted to solar inverter to use buffer battery backup (i.e balance 30 %)

9) When grid returns during which inverter is working on buffer battery backup then the load is shifted to grid & batteries are charged through solar or grid as explained above.



Sl. No. Parameter  
1 Charge control type Micro controller 12bit
2 Nominal voltage 72 v to 180V DC
3 Nominal SPV power Up to 1kw to 10kw
4 Self consumption less than 4mv
5 Charging methods back to back IGBT
6 Charging mode PWM zero drop HF.
7 Display indication LCD graphics
8 Cooling air cool/forced fan
9 Ambient tem 25* to 150*.
10 Tem compensation +/- 5mv @40digree
Sl. No. Parameter Single Phase Unit Three Phase Unit
1 Rating 1 KVA to 15 KVA 6 KVA to 100 KVA
2 Battery  Volt /KVA 1KVA-36V 2KVA- 48-72V 3KVA- 48-72V 5KVA- 120-192V 8KVA- 192V-240 10KVA- 192-240V 12KVA- 192-240V 15KVA- 240V-348 v
3 Input Voltage Range 48 V -120 V 192-348V
4 Nominal Output Voltage 220V 415V
5 Output Voltage Accuracy ± 1% ± 3%
6 Output Frequency  50 Hz: ± 1% 50 Hz: ± 1%
7 Input Frequency 45-55 Hz 45-55 Hz
8 Power Factory -0.8 lagging to unity  
9 Voltage Correction Rate
1. Air Cooled
2. Oil Cooled
Voltage Correction    
35V/Sec. 35V/Sec.
35V/ Sec 35V/ Sec  
10 Efficiency 90% 90%
11 Control Digital Digital
12 Winding CU/AL   
13 Noise Low noise <50db   
14 Heat above 50 degree   
15 Wave form Pure sine wave  
16 Mounting Free on wheel  
    Compact in size  
17 Solar charger Built in or external Built in or external

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